Anglica Language School'sTerms and Conditions

1. General Provisions

1.1 Who is the ‘School’?

These regulations define the rules for conducting online language courses at Anglica Language School, hereinafter referred to as the School or Anglica.

1.2 Who is the ‘Teacher’?

Online lessons and general communication regarding course content and student needs will be conducted by an individual, hereinafter referred to as the Teacher.

1.3 Who is the ‘Student’?

Any individual, over the age of 18 years, who makes a booking with the School, completes the registration process, and makes the required complete payment is hereinafter referred to as the Student. Students are obliged to read all regulations and policies provided on the School’s website and sent directly to them by the School. Starting education at the School is the same as accepting these regulations.

1.4 The service

The School runs individual (also referred to as ‘one-to-one’) and group General English language courses, and individual Business English language courses online as part of the language services provided. Anglica Language School is a registered business under the Central Registration Office in Ireland.

2. Bookings and Registration

2.1 Website

The School’s website,, is the home of the School, where bookings and queries can be made, and information, schedules, and prices can be found. The website is hosted in Ireland and is SSL certified.

2.2 Booking for General English

Bookings and queries for both individual and group General English courses should be made via the form on the General English page of the website or at The School requires some general information about the applicant’s language and country of residence in order to verify technical and teaching abilities. No payment is required at the booking stage.

2.3 Booking for Business English

Bookings and queries for Business English courses should be made via the form on the Business English page of the website or at The School requires some general information about the applicant’s work background in order to assess their needs and create customised tuition. No payment is required at the booking stage.

2.4 General contact

The School welcomes all questions and queries regarding courses and online tuition. These can be made via the form on the Contact page of the website or at

2.5 Booking consultation

After making a booking via a website form or email, the School will contact the applicant via email to verify receipt of the booking and to address any necessary aspects of the booking. This can include the choice of course, the starting date, the schedule, any specific requirements the applicant has made related to course content. The applicant can choose to communicate with the School at this stage via email or request a face-to-face video call. Video calls are scheduled and initiated by the School. The School reserves the right to terminate a video call and contact with an applicant under inappropriate use or circumstance.

2.6 Student assessment

As part of the Booking consultation process, the School may require the applicant to take a Level Test or complete a Needs Analysis. The applicant is provided a link and instructions on how to carry out the assessment. Results are purely for purposes of pre-registration assessment so that the applicant is best suited to the course content and level of difficulty. No assessment results are shared or stored by the School after the Student is registered for a course.

2.7 Payment

When booking and consultation are complete, the School will provide the applicant with a secure payment gateway and the full amount needed for payment. Anglica uses PayPal for flexible and secure payments. Applicants can choose to pay by credit or debit card without using a PayPal account. Anglica does not store any information provided by the applicant during the payment process. The full payment must be complete before the applicant is registered as a Student and can proceed with a schedule and classes.

2.8 Registration

When full payment is received, the Student is registered on file with the School. Any information provided by the Student during booking or consultation can be stored by the School for the duration of the Student’s course, for the purposes of contact and reference. Information on data and privacy can be found on the Privacy Policy page of the website.

3. Timetables and Schedules

3.1 Opening times

The School is open from Monday to Friday, 09:00 - 17:00 GMT. The school is closed on Saturdays and Sundays, Bank Holidays, and public holiday periods such as Christmas and Easter. Where holidays differ from country to country, all Students will be notified of the schedule in advance of the course.

3.2 General English course schedule

Both individual and group General English courses consist of 2 classes twice per week (4 classes per week) until the number of weeks of the course has elapsed. On occasion, the School may make changes to the schedule of a particular week; in this case, any cancelled classes will be rescheduled and Students will be notified in advance.

3.2.1 General English class duration

All General English classes are 50 minutes in duration. Classes are scheduled in doubles, meaning 2 classes are held within a two-hour period with a short break in between.

3.2.2 General English schedule change requests

Students of individual General English courses may request changes to the schedule during the course period but must give a minimum of 1 week’s notice before the requested date of change.

Students of group General English courses cannot request changes to the course schedule. Students of group General English can reclaim 1 missed class in a 2-week period, whereby the School will assign them a replacement class of an alternative date and time, at the School’s own discretion.

3.3 Business English course schedule

The schedule for Business English courses are discussed and agreed upon between the School and Student before commencing. Students of Business English will have their personal or professional schedules catered for in the planning of the course schedule where it is possible for the School.

3.3.1 Business English class duration

Business English classes are 50 minutes in duration. In general, classes are scheduled in doubles, meaning 2 classes are held within a two-hour period with a short break in between. The Student may request to take a class or classes in single blocks of one-hour period.

3.3.2 Business English schedule change requests

Students of Business English may request changes to the schedule during the course period but must give a minimum of 1 week’s notice before the requested date of change.

4. Implementation of Classes

4.1 Environmental requirements

Students are required to attend online classes in a well-lit, quiet, private room, where interruptions are unlikely. Students are asked to switch their phones to silent mode for the duration of the class, unless class activities include the use of phones.

4.2 Technical requirements

4.2.1 Internet connection

Students are required to have a good and stable internet connection for the full duration of class. If a Student’s connection is poor or becomes disconnected during a group class, the Teacher can choose to wait for reconnection or to proceed with the class, depending on the circumstances of the situation. In the case of an individual class, the Teacher may contact the disconnected Student in order to reconnect or reschedule the class.

4.2.2 Technical equipment

Students can participate in online classes using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or phone; however, it is recommended to use a desktop or laptop so as to allow freedom of movement for specific activities. In order to minimise audio feedback and unwanted environmental noise, Students are required to use a headset or headphones and microphone for the full duration of class.

4.3 General classroom rules

For general classroom rules, please refer to the Classroom Policy page of the website.

4.4 Digital Learning Materials

Where applicable to the class, the Teacher will provide the Student(s) with Digital Learning Material packs. These can be in the form of:

  • A link to a downloadable PDF from a secure cloud platform
  • A link to an uneditable Google Doc
  • A PDF via email

The Digital Learning Materials pack can include one or multiples of:

  • Learning Goals achieved
  • Vocabulary learned during class
  • Grammar items learned during class
  • Pronunciation learned during class
  • Screenshots of the relevant pages from the course e-book
  • All other images, forms, links, videos, slides that were used during the class so that the student knows exactly what they did and used during each class

4.5 Certificates

All Students will receive a Certificate of Completion upon completion of their course. The Certificate will state:

  • Their name
  • Course taken and duration
  • Language level upon completion
  • Level progression

5. Complaints and Grievances

It is Anglica’s aim to provide the best possible service and delivery of teaching to all Students of all courses. If, however, a Student is not satisfied with the service they receive, they may submit a complaint.

5.1 Submitting a complaint

Any complaints should be submitted as soon as possbile by the Student to the School. This should be done via email to, or directly to their Teacher via email. The Student must include their name, registered course, and a detailed description of the complaint in the email. If the Student requires a video call to discuss the complaint, they can make a request which will be scheduled by the School.

5.2 Grievances between Students

Each Student is asked to read and comply with the Classroom Rules, which can be found on the Classroom Policy page. If a Student wishes to make a complaint about another Student within a group course, the above procedure must be carried out, after which the School will assess the complaint and may address the issue with the other Student in question. The School will conduct reasoning between both parties until there is a satisfactory resolution.

6. Course upgrades and changes of mind

6.1 Course upgrades

Students of General English can request to upgrade their course to the next option as displayed on the Anglica website, if there is a further option available. The Student must make the request with the School at least 1 week before their current course schedule comes to an end. If the Student requests an upgrade less than 1 week before the end of the current course, the School may refuse the request.

Upon a valid upgrade request, the School will consider the new upgraded schedule for the Student and the Student will be offered the upgrade at the cost of the price per class of the new course option. The Student can only commence the upgraded course after a full payment has been received by the School.

6.1.1 Upgrade example:

A Student begins a 2-week course at a price of €40 per class, paying a total of €320 for the course. After the first week, the Student decides they would like to increase their set classes and makes a request to upgrade to the 4-week course. The 4-week course is set at €35 per class, a total of €560 for the course. To upgrade the Student must pay an additional €240 (€560 - €320). The Student saves €80 by upgrading.

6.2 Change of course

Students of General English can request to change from a group course to individual course, or vice versa. The request must be made via email to the School with a detailed reason why they wish to change. After assessment of the schedule, the School can oblige the request where possible. The Student may encounter an additional fee, depending on the change requested.

7. Extracurricular Activity

7.1 Anglica Student Online Community

Students of General English group courses can avail of the Anglica Student Online Community. This is an online platform outside of class times where Students can participate in informal activities arranged by the School and practice writing with other Students of Anglica.

7.2 Social media

Students are permitted to follow and react to Anglica on social media platforms, but must maintain a level of respect and generally acceptable behaviour and language in all interactions with the School, the School’s students, or anything/anyone associated with the School. If the School deems the actions of its Student on social media disrespectful or inappropriate in any way, the School reserves the right to suspend or expel the Student from the School with immediate effect and without refund.

7.3 Personal contact

The School operates during the times listed in section 3.1, and can be contacted within these hours only. No Teachers or Students will share their personal phone numbers, except where it is entirely necessary for communication. The main mode of communication between Students and Teachers should be email, the School's Learning Management System, or via video call initiated by the School.

If a Teacher receives disrespectful or inappropriate communication from the Student through any form of contact, the Student will receive a warning which may lead to suspension or expulsion, depending on circumstances and severity.

8. Final Provisions

8.1 Cancellation Policy

If any unexpected interruptions to the School’s schedule should occur, the School may be forced to cancel ongoing classes. In such a case, the School will notify Students as soon as possible and Students will be entitled to a refund for unused classes. Refunded amounts will be determined and described by the School and are non-negotiable.

The Student may stop learning after completing the purchased lessons without prior notice or resign from the course at any time during its implementation. If a Student chooses to resign from the course on their own terms, no refund is guaranteed. Any refund will be at the School’s discretion after assessment of the Student’s decision.

8.2 Unexpected interruptions

Anglica’s lessons are conducted online on a high-speed internet connection from an ISP based in Ireland. While it is unlikely that technical failures will occur, it should be noted that it is a possibility and that a specific protocol will ensue. In such an occurrence, the School will make contact with Students of any interrupted class as soon as possible, with direction for reconnecting or rescheduling. Any lost time due to technical interruptions will be accounted for.

8.3 Change of course structure and pricing

Anglica may make changes to course durations, structure, and pricing. Any changes will be published and made clear on the website.

Any Students that are currently registered in a course at the time of implementation of changes to course will not be affected by any new changes.

Any applicants that have made a course booking before the implementation of changes to the course will not be charged an increase in price that may have occurred. They will be notified of any changes to course structure that were different at the time of booking.

8.4 Personal data storage

For details on personal data storage, please refer to the Privacy Policy page of the website.