Anglica Language School'sClassroom Policy

Please read the rules before your first class and follow them during your course:

  1. Find a quiet place to attend your online class without distractions from friends, family members, pets. These are distracting to your teacher, your classmates and yourself.
  2. Be on time for your lessons. Class starts at a scheduled time so allow yourself a few minutes before the beginning to organise your work space, supplies, audio, video, etc. Students late for class more than 15 minutes will not be allowed in.
  3. Join the online class by using the link your teacher shares with you. Click on it a few minutes before the class starts. You will wait in the virtual waiting room and your teacher will allow you into the online class at the scheduled time.
  4. Have all materials ready for class, for example a notebook, pens, pencils, markers, etc.
  5. Food should not be consumed during the class as it may be disrupting to the class.
  6. Remain seated at your work station for the duration of the online lesson.
  7. Be respectful of the learning process. Pay attention to your teacher when she is speaking (or other students if it is a group), take part in discussions, do your homework, be respectful towards the teacher (and other learners if they are present).
  8. Respect other students’ points of view, and adhere to polite communication methods.
  9. Do not use the internet or your phone during the class unless your teacher asks you to do so in order to complete a task.
  10. Do not message other students during the class time unless your teacher asks you to do it.
  11. When completing activities and exercises, do the answers without checking them online. Instead, do them on your own or with a partner(s). If you are having problems with an activity, you can privately message your teacher during the lesson and she will help you.
  12. Do not share any information, images, videos or contact details of other students / teacher outside of class.
  13. Do not take screenshots of the image of other students / teacher.
  14. Do not video capture the lessons. All the materials from the lesson will be sent to you after each class.
  15. Have your video on, and mute yourself when your teacher asks. Sometimes, your teacher will mute your microphone - this is normal and all other students will be muted and unmuted too. It is done to manage the online classroom and help you and others concentrate.
  16. When you want to speak, please use the Raise Your Hand icon.
  17. Please, do not use virtual background as this can be distracting.
  18. Anglica has a zero tolerance policy on discrimination, aggression, inappropriate behaviour, and harassment, which can result the termination of a Student's course.
  19. Enjoy your lessons and be an active participant.